Wood Bet

A guy walks into a bar with a bunch of wood samples. He walks up to these two guys and bets them one hundred dollars each that he can smell any piece of wood with a blindfold on, and tell you what it is.

So the two guys take the bet. The first guy puts a piece of pine wood underneath the guys nose, and the guy says "That's pine wood". The second guy walks up and puts a piece of oak wood underneath the guys nose, and the guy says "That's oak wood".

Well, the two guys start getting worried and one says to the other, "Shit man, we're about to lose this bet, we need to figure something out quick". So there was this old Indian broad passed out at the bar with her legs spread wide open, and one of the guys took that piece of oak wood and rubbed it between her legs.

The guy takes it back and puts it underneath his nose and the guy says, "Well.. that's either pussywillow, or a shingle off an old shit house".
Uploaded 07/07/2008
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