Wrap your weiner, or else!

A young soldier won an all expenses paid vacations to the Orient for 7 days, on a radio contest. He decided that he would spend each night with a different woman, even if he had to pay for it.

The day after his return he got up for duty and went to the latrine for some relief. Suddenly there was a serious burning pain in his groin area. He looked down to discover that his Johnson was multi-colored and swollen.

He rushed to the sick call. After the examination the doctor said " It looks bad, we will have to amputate your member." To which the young man responds "No way, I'm gonna get a second opinion."

However, after consulting 3 civilian doctors he got the same thing, amputation was the only way to cure this.

While fretting over the news, he hit upon an idea. Since he got this in China, why not go to a Chinese Doctor. He went found a Dr. Chin and told him what the other doctors had said. To which Dr. Chin replied “Those crazy American doctors, always wanting to perform unnecessary surgery. I have seen this many times and I can assure you that surgery will not be needed.”

Well that was the best news he had ever heard. He said, “So Doc how do we fix this?”

Dr. Chin relied, “Fix. Hell in 2, 3 days tops, that’s gonna fall off all by itself.”
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