Forgotten Realms: Exile #1 - Issue #1, Part 1

Drizzt has left Menzoberranzan behind, and has lived in the wilds of the Underdark for nine years, with the astral panther Guenhwyvar as his only companion. Over the years, he has found himself becoming more and more The Hunter, a creature of of pure skill and instinct. He is losing himself a little more each day. Back in Menzoberranzan, the intrigue between houses continues as Matron Malice is forced to accept Sinafey Hun'ett as her "daughter." Malice sends her children into the Underdark to find and capture Drizzt in an effort to appease the Spider Queen, Lolth. Drizzt successfully defends against their attack, learning their method of tracking him and disposing of it. Eventually, Drizzt winds his way to stronghold of his people's nearest enemy, Blingenstone, city of the Svirfnebli, the deep gnomes. He places himself and his fate in their hands. Meanwhile, his mother, Malice, prays to her dark goddess for one final gift so that she can bring Drizzt to bear, the Sin-Carla.
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Uploaded 04/09/2011
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