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10 Of Some Of The Strangest Deaths Of All Time

There were once 1947 two brothers by the name of Homer and Langley Collyer. They had a phobia of throwing away things and thus collected every junk possible into their own house. They had huge collections of junk and newspaper and what not. The police got a tip one day that there is a dead body inside the Collyer house. When they went inside to investigate they found one brother buried under a heap of newspapers, his body completely rot and mouse eaten. They found the other brother after a few day just a few feet away from the other one. Apparently one was paralyzed and the other one got caught on one their own booby traps and got killed. The one who was paralyzed later died from starvation. Who would want to collect garbage is what boggles us in this entire thrilling tale!

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Description: When it is time, it is time. There is no way that the way a person is going to die can be predicted. There have been many strange deaths in history, deaths that have eluded the mind sometimes due to what happens and sometimes due to the mere unusualness of it. This lists brings to you top ten strangest deaths in the world that have been reported a
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