X-Men Noir #1 (of 4)

Peter Magnus is a rookie cop on the beat, unable to outrace the shadow cast by his big-shot cop father. His sister, Wanda, is a socialite in deep ten large to Creole Club proprietor Remy LeBeau - the kind of debt she'll be lucky to pay back with just cash. Their father, Eric Magnus, is chief of detectives, corrupting the Brotherhood of New York's Finest from the inside out. (All under the discretion of Boss Shaw, of course.) Anne-Marie Rankin has a special talent for being whoever you need her to be. And Magnus needs her, the better to get close to Unus is the Untouchable, a mob boss so good at staying alive it's driving his rivals nuts. And Xavier? That discredited shrink sits in a jail cell, wondering what in the world his little refugees from the 'Xavier School for Exceptionally Wayward Youth' are up to now. Other than staying one step ahead of Magnus, that is. But now Jean Grey is dead. And nobody is allowed to care - nobody that counts - because who cares about one of Xavier's dead grifters? It's not like there's an angel out there looking out for what's right. Or is there?
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Uploaded 02/19/2011
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