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2008 Presidential Debates Drinking Game


US FlagWith the Democratic National Convention finally winding down in Denver and the Republican National Convention poised to descend on the Twin Cities next week this can only mean one thing.

Drinking games are just around the corner!

Yup, the Presidential debates or oligarchs-slapping-each-other-on-live-TV, as I like to call it, always bring out the best in our livers.

I like keep it simple:
You’ll need your favorite spirits – I’m going with bourbon - and one shot glass for each player. You’ll also need some six-packs of Bud and Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat.

Every time McCain says “My friends” take a shot.
Every time Obama says hope or change take a shot.
Anytime McCain makes a reference to his wife chug a Bud.
Anytime Obama refers to Chicago or his roots chug a Goose Island.

That’s it; but I have no doubt that this will easily do the job.

Axiomreturns Uploaded 08/28/2008
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