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Witty comments

The quality of some witty comments are amazing on Ebaums World.   I have scoured the "Internet"  and this is by far the closest thing to  a family or any form of human companionship I have.  I check my account 10 times a day praying  that I get something in my comments box from one of the many amazing individuals in this wonderful place.  I'm up to 8000 eReps points and can't wait to rear 9000 and beyond.  My coworkers don't understand me or my love for EBW and I pity them, they spend their free time calling their "families" or being "social" but I'm much happier then they will ever be.
I pray that they find the peace they so desperately seek.  I am definitely one of the lucky ones.  Thanks Ebaums you have saved one man and definitely changed one life in this world.
Sparta43 Uploaded 02/24/2012
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Tags: Forever alone


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