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My first encounter with a Japanese prostitute

As I've mentioned in my last post, I was in the Navy and got out about a year ago. Today I figured I'd tell you all about my first Japanese "lady of the night"(sounds nice, yes?). During my time in the Navy, I was stationed in Japan for 3 1/2 years. My ship always had to stop in Okinawa for a couple of days at the start and end of each deployment. Well, a few months after I checked on board, my co-workers(shipmates) decided they would show me around Okinawa and tell me about all of the good spots to check out. As usual we started off by going to the Kadena Air Force Base to pick up what ever supplies we needed i.e. toothpaste, shaving stuff, movies, books, food, etc.

Then my friends decided they would take me to a strip club called Chi-Chi's. This place was notorious for the strippers dragging patrons on stage and whipping them with their own belt. I was excited to finally see the place that everyone had been telling me about. Once we got there though, the place had been closed for the day. We were all a little let down but cheered up once we noticed a bar was open next door.

The bar was awesome, they had mixed drinks for only a buck. As cool as that was, I still couldn't really drink that much because I was still 18, and had to be 20 or older to drink over seas(the bar didn't card me). So we all just hung out in the bar for a while until one of my friends got liquored up enough to take me to a place I would never forget. He came up to me and through a sweaty arm around my shoulders and slurred in to my ear, " We're going to Yoshihara."

Yoshihara was the red light district of Okinawa. If you've ever heard any thing about other red light districts in say Amsterdam, then you might already know what I'm talking about. We hopped in a cab and got there in 15 min. The place was surreal. It was pretty much a large neighborhood of one-story concrete apartments, with women standing in the doorways, and pink neon lights everywhere. I guess it wasn't so much a red light district as a pink one. Even the atmosphere around seemed to have a pink hue to it.

While I was walking around there, I remembered every thing that my friends had told me about this area and how it works. They told me that you just go up to what ever brothel looks good, walk in and say hi to the mama-san. A mama-san in the south east orient is like a pimp in the states. they are usually old madames that have a lot of money and are connected with a lot of muscle. You treat the mama-san right with respect, and she'll love you; but you make one wrong move and... well, just don't ever make a wrong move.

My friends had told me that after talking to the mama-san, she'll bring in a line up of girls, and that I could just pick the one I liked. The cost was 5000 yen, or about $50 in U.S. currency, and you get to have the girl for 15 minutes. Now I know some of you are thinking, "that's it?" But trust me that's all you need with these girls.

My friend that was showing me around was from Porto Rico, and in his drunken state had convinced him self that he looked Japanese, so he thought he could get in to the brothels that said Japanese only. He told me he was gonna try one place out and pointed to another place for me to go. We split and I walked up to the mama-san sitting on the porch of an old brothel and said hi. She didn't seem to be all that old, she was way older than me but still relatively young, and she was a little on the heavy side. She smiled at me with a gnarled toothy grin and welcomed me inside.

She walked me in to a room and sat me down on a bed, and had me pay up front. She then walked out of the room to go get the girls, and I waited eagerly. The mama-san came back and began to get undressed and told me to do the same. I quickly realized the error of my ways. This was not the mama-san, this was the prostitute. I then stupidly remembered that every thing my friends told me about is what they do in Thailand. I felt sick, and in shock I just did what the girl said.

I got naked and she strapped a condom on me that was thick enough to be used for handling chemicals. She then set a timer for 15 minutes, and proceeded to give me the nastiest sloppy BJ over the condom. Just the way she did it made me even more turned off. She then laid back waiting for me to pound her. In shock I complied. I tried thinking about every hot chick I had every seen, every porn I had ever watched, but nothing could help me now.

After what seemed like an eternity of hell, the timer went off. I didn't cum, I don't know who could. I quickly got dressed and left. I went to look for my friend and he was no where to be found, so I got a cab and took it back to the ship. The next day, I felt so ashamed of myself that I decided to go back to the red light and set things straight. That night, I went back and found one of the hottest Japanese girls I had ever seen. She told me her name was "La La". I chuckled, payed her the same price and the planets had re-aligned.

I felt better, the night with her was great, but most of all, I felt I had redeemed myself. So that is my first(and second) encounter(s) with a Japanese prostitute.

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