• Federal Judge PERMANENTLY Blocks Drumpf's Sanctuary Cities Order
    • Federal Judge PERMANENTLY Blocks...

      • Sorry, the subject matter you seemed to have missed, koo alt, is about states rights vs the US government orders (reread prior comment s-l-o-wl-y) not about illegals living here. The latter is another subject matter.
      • Nov, 21 2017 05:45pm
    • Federal Judge PERMANENTLY Blocks Drumpf's Sanctuary Cities Order
    • Federal Judge PERMANENTLY Blocks...

      • Withholding federal funds from sanctuary cities as punishment for not turning over illegal immigrants to ICE s unconstitutional. 1. Separation of Powers: The president can't impose new restrictions on money already allocated by Congress, and the Constitution grants spending powers to Congress. 2. Fifth Amendment Due Process: The president can't punish states for being sanctuary cities if no one knows what a sanctuary city is. 3. Tenth Amendment: The Constitution forbids the federal government from conscripting states to enforce federal laws. 4. Precedent from ACA litigation: If it was illegally coercive for the Obama administration to withhold Medicaid money from red states that didn't set up exchanges, then Drumpf can't punish blue states for refusing to cooperate with ICE. 5. Illegal Intent: Drumpf went on TV to clarify that he explicitly intended to punish California, because he is a dumbass.
      • Nov, 21 2017 02:40pm
    • ur A$$
    • ur A$$

      • Al needs to resign.
      • Nov, 17 2017 07:52pm
    • WHATABOUTISM - The Drumpf Presidency
    • WHATABOUTISM - The Drumpf Presidency

      • How do you piss off ozzyrock40 and make his nutsacks groan in pain? Because I can, the delete comment button never fails. Capture this tard!
      • Nov, 16 2017 08:10pm


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