• I Blew It. I lost the Election. I Know It Now!
    • I Blew It. I lost the Election. I Know...

      • Two key Drumpf support team staffers quit: National Political Director Jim Murphy and Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway. Reason: Can't stand the stink of a loser.
      • Oct, 21 2016 04:15pm
    • The People Strike Back
    • The People Strike Back

      • This is how a far-Right Xenophobic expresses his immigration issues, beats mayor over the head with a club. Welcome to the world of knuckle draggers.
      • Oct, 3 2016 02:37pm

      • bdowner is disabled...mentally. I saw a crazy homeless guy having a conversation with himself, my first thought was it's bdowner talking with his alt Comrade. Like a bag of Skittles you don't know which one you'll get.
      • Oct, 1 2016 06:40pm
    • Another Dirty Don Deal
    • Another Dirty Don Deal

      • Mafia Drumpf uses his political donations to exercise influence over city and state governments. All told, Drumpf's 15 core building developments in New York have benefited from $885 million in tax breaks since the late 1980's. How much of a tax break did you get?
      • Sep, 20 2016 10:58am
    • Female Republican in Hot Tub
    • Female Republican in Hot Tub

      • And you are voting for the guy who is in bed with criminals. You're the reason the Republican party is full of shit. Go back to school you uneducated fool.
      • Sep, 16 2016 12:00am
    • Hillary WOWs them in K.C.!
    • Hillary WOWs them in K.C.!

      • Last week Trump came to Nor Cal to raise donor $. Made no public appearances and left with zero ca$h. He runs away when he knows he's defeated. At least Custer stood and fought to the end.
      • Sep, 9 2016 05:12pm


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