• I luv ME
    • I luv ME

      • ^ Says the Ruskie troll with shitty grammar ^
      • May, 11 2018 11:15am
    • 3,519 Drumpf Russian Facebook Ads Exposed
    • 3,519 Drumpf Russian Facebook Ads...

      • eBaum doesn't allow http links. To see the ads search democrats-intelligence dot house dot gov. Click on Schiff Statement on Release of Facebook Advertisements, at page bottom click on here. However, mods are allowed, right @fake Ahab?
      • May, 10 2018 07:13pm
    • President HugeFuckingLiar Did Pay Stormy - Giuliani
    • President HugeFuckingLiar Did Pay...

      • Funnel money is when you move money illegally. When you pay your taxes do you "funnel" money to the IRS? Do you "funnel" money when you pay rent or make mortgage payments?
      • May, 8 2018 04:21pm
    • Senators Advance Bill to Protect Mueller
    • Senators Advance Bill to Protect Mueller

      • This is a bipartisan bill that Mitch McConnell has vowed not to let it get to the Senate floor. However, Republicans both inside and outside the government warn that firing Mueller would be very unwise for his presidency.
      • Apr, 26 2018 03:14pm
    • No One Is Listening
    • No One Is Listening

      • @fakeahab - This great nation can tolerate a president who makes mistakes, but it cannot tolerate one - or lets others in the WH - who makes mistakes and then breaks laws to cover them up. So, what is it you want done with Drumpf?
      • Apr, 24 2018 07:22pm
    • No One Is Listening
    • No One Is Listening

      • Orange alert, orange alert; national security breach...indefinite military detention without charge or trial. NSA 2012
      • Apr, 24 2018 05:47pm


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