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    • ReligiON ReligOFF
      • ReligiON ReligOFF
      • I have audited a course in brain science...heard it was much the same.
      • 01:04pm Jul, 25 2014
    • ReligiON ReligOFF
      • ReligiON ReligOFF
      • Yeah...religion really advanced everyone's civilizations once it was introduced. Maybe you should ask the natives of the America's and much of the Pacific how the introduction of Christianity worked out for them.
      • 01:02pm Jul, 25 2014
    • ReligiON ReligOFF RAPE EDITION
      • ReligiON ReligOFF RAPE EDITION
      • Billy, Billy, it that obvious? FUCK people's religious beliefs. I have zero respect for people deciding that some fictional character from an ancient book is real and everyone must hold that fantasy as truth so the believers aren't offended. I don't care if you choose to believe...but I don't have to respect it. You have no right to NOT be offended by my beliefs. Patten Oswalt said it best ''You%u2019ve gotta respect everyone%u2019s beliefs.' No, you don%u2019t. That%u2019s what gets us in trouble. Look, you have to acknowledge everyone%u2019s beliefs, and then you have to reserve the right to go: 'That is fucking stupid. Are you kidding me?' I acknowledge that you believe that, that%u2019s great, but I%u2019m not going to respect it.'
      • 11:54am Jul, 22 2014
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