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    • Atheistic Tendencies
      • Atheistic Tendencies
      • Not at all...I am extremely patriotic. I find it so amusing that so many sheep like yourself automatically claim socialism and liberalism (ok, so Debs IS a doesn't dilute that point that he is some cases). I am politically conservative. Vote Republican the majority of the time...own many guns...own a business..own a home....married with kids. What I deplore is that politicians in order to bolster their own voting base, have to pander to social issues, which should have absolutely nothing to do with the government or how its run...but are a divisive way to split public opinion while creating sides. This way no one will EVER have the full strength to take down our corrupt government...if you think they aren't all in this are blind. I believe in Liberty. I believe in the Bill of Rights. My freedom should end where yours begins...this includes the current trend US of creating legislation based on Biblical dogma. Same as Sharia Law in my boo
      • 06:45pm Jul, 9 2014
    • Atheistic Tendencies
      • Atheistic Tendencies
      • Huh...really unclear on where you stand. Love the 'traditions that never hurt anyone' line...intentional ignorance is no excuse for being this obtuse. Funny that it is 'hate and judgement' when the shoe in on the other foot, but it is Christian values when blaming the Bible for wanting bigotry and hate speech. Go fuck yourself.
      • 06:37pm Jul, 9 2014
    • Atheistic Tendencies - Classic
      • Atheistic Tendencies - Classic
      • I wish there was a way to give Eric unlimited thumbs deserve a dancing cat gallery all of your own. As for evolution, I want to see your irrefutable proof of it being disproven...if it includes anything from religious texts or the Creation Museum don't even bother...we are looking for FACTS here...not garbled, pseudo-science, hyperbole.
      • 03:18pm Jul, 9 2014
    • Atheistic Tendencies - Classic
      • Atheistic Tendencies - Classic
      • LOL. You are a complete idiot troll with no you resort to this weak bullshit? Go fuck yourself.
      • 01:46pm Jul, 9 2014
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