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    • Atheistic Tendencies
      • Atheistic Tendencies
      • Brix, I think morality, which is based in empathy and compassion, are inherent in humans. There are even other species that show limited amounts of these traits. I also agree that many people have lost their sense of morality, and need to be shown. Personally I think it has a lot to do with population density. We are a social animal, meant to live in a tribal culture, but the over-population of city areas leads to a disconnect with your community in many ways. Just too many people. If you go to many small towns, they all have their problems, but the sense of community is much greater, and people are generally friendlier, to each other as well as strangers.
      • 09:43am Aug, 5 2014
    • Atheistic Tendencies
      • Atheistic Tendencies
      • Gun rights and religious rights are mutually exclusive...strange you attempt to tie them together. I am an avid gun owner and hunter. I believe in the right to bear arms, not just own guns. Guns are an inanimate object. A tool. Religion is an ideology that promotes intentional and willful ignorance in many adherents. Religion has done more to slow the advancement of the human race than other other single source.
      • 09:38am Aug, 5 2014
    • Atheistic Tendencies
      • Atheistic Tendencies
      • I agree...and am not 'blaming God' for all the hate in the world. I do, however, see the damage created in our world by the concept of religion, I also see people trying to create legislation based on their theological beliefs, which affects everyone governed by those laws regardless of religious affiliation. These are the things I detest.
      • 05:10pm Aug, 4 2014
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    • When Religion Makes Itself Look Bad
      • When Religion Makes Itself Look Bad
      • BLASPHEMY!! Excellent gallery...many were included in my next set of downloads I believe...but whatever...just glad to see them being spread to the rest of the unfaithful heathens like myself!
      • 04:08pm Jul, 31 2014
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