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    • Atheistic Tendencies
      • Atheistic Tendencies
      • BLASPHEMY!!! Had to start the sentence with it...Res had a point. Worst part is I have lived most of childhood and adult life outside Chicago...but keep in mind...this is where the ORIGINAL Playboy Mansion is...well, before they subdivided it into condos...which might be better in some ways. I am certainly wrong sometimes...but I'll never admit it. At least not again. Ever. LOL.
      • 03:55pm Jul, 3 2014
    • Regulate Guns? What's Here To Think About?
      • Regulate Guns? What's Here To Think About?
      • Are you really that stupid shy? There are over 300,000,000 guns in the US. 47% of Americans claim to be guns owners, making over 155,000,000 gun owners. To say the majority are anything other than responsible and law-abiding is completely false. Taking into consideration the number of gun-related homicides (based on the CDC's 2010 release) of 11,000...this means that .0035 percent (35 ten thousandths of one percent) of firearms in the US were used in crimes...a number that would be statistically irrelevant if it wasn't politically motivated. We have less cars in the US (254,000,000) than guns, but they cause three times as many deaths as gun homicides...yet I have never heard a single person call to ban them, much less make stricter regulations for their ownership and use.
      • 03:47pm Jul, 3 2014
    • No Bra Thursday
      • No Bra Thursday
      • I scrolled down to make that exact comment. Every. Day.
      • 03:12pm Jul, 3 2014
    • Atheistic Tendencies - Bonus Round
      • Atheistic Tendencies - Bonus Round
      • The ultimate irony in your statement is amazing. False perspective and willful ignorance is such an incredible thing to witness.
      • 12:20pm Jul, 3 2014
    • Atheistic Tendencies - Classic
      • Atheistic Tendencies - Classic
      • I will meow include dancing cats as often as I remember...or until I run out whichever comes first.I felt compelled to respond to some of the religious trolls, but after reading through everything you had to say, I definitely couldn't have said it anywhere near as well as you I will bow out for the time being....oh...other than to say EatShit should stick to eating shit...his obvious trolling has hit a point of complete idiocy...after seeing his other posts elsewhere, I doubt he is even a Christian...just a troll.
      • 10:44am Jul, 3 2014
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