• Atheistic Tendencies
    • Atheistic Tendencies

      • Glad to see you recognize that ALL religions are bullshit...and should be lumped in together filed under "FICTION". I'm on the fence with Buddhism...being non-theistic...but it is still a religion and is based in fantasy.
      • Sep, 19 2014 09:29am
    • Sapphire Knife
    • Sapphire Knife

      • Other than the problem of them showing up on the X-Ray...this is a great idea.I have a couple of ceramic knives, but they are folders and have metal pins and won't pass the detector.
      • Sep, 16 2014 04:35pm
    • Atheistic Tendencies
    • Atheistic Tendencies

      • LOL...all good suggestions. As I was reading them the beginning of Monty Python kept running through my head... 'And now for something completely different'.
      • Sep, 15 2014 09:51am
    • Atheistic Tendencies
    • Atheistic Tendencies

      • Already had that planned!! Great minds and all that...but I'll have to find something to take their place...suggestions are welcome.
      • Sep, 9 2014 11:10am
    • Atheistic Tendencies
    • Atheistic Tendencies

      • Completely different. There is no 'practicing' atheism. And sharing ideas with like minded individuals in a very specifically marked gallery is not 'beating' ANYONE with it.
      • Sep, 9 2014 10:16am
    • Atheistic Tendencies
    • Atheistic Tendencies

      • I have a double handful of new ones...but it takes more work finding the damn cats than it does the rest of the content!
      • Sep, 9 2014 09:38am


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