• Nintendo Hardware History
    • Nintendo Hardware History

      • For the record, all Presidential Candidates are literally given millions and millions of dollars to run for President, and many of them end up doing nothing. Many of the most recent Presidents in America have been hailed as totally useless and not knowing what they are doing, yet they all make millions a year. Making money doesn't mean you're good at something, it means you've convinced someone to give you money.
      • Dec, 3 2012 03:03am
    • Nintendo Hardware History
    • Nintendo Hardware History

      • That may be because you don't know anyone of substance as far as gaming is concerned. If the bulk of what you own is FPS or Madden, it's time to realize you're not a gamer, you're a hobbyist. Also, I'd buy a million SNES's, NES's, N64's, if I had the money. The point is I don't NEED to. The company isn't screwing me for the sake of turning a buck. They make quality products where Microsoft makes shit. And if you or your friends prefer shit, then enjoy the shit that is the 360. Nothing like paying over $1000 ( Cost of 4 at any given time sense release) for a console that isn't even yours.
      • Dec, 2 2012 05:06pm
    • Nintendo Hardware History
    • Nintendo Hardware History

      • Power means nothing if it doesn't work. It's a free fix for the first 3 years on premier systems, then, you're SOL. Also, the shipping was not free, but costed upwards of $20 each way which had to be covered up front, and only via certain shipping venues that Microsoft set up, otherwise, they argued that it was "Damaged in shipping" when it was shipped to them, and you're out $40 to ship the broken 360 around, and get it back. Given that, you do not technically OWN your X-box if it was sold after the first 2 years of it's release, or the 360. Read the manual that came with it, it's fucked up. At any time, for any reason, Microsoft can demand the system back from you, and you are legally obligated to return it.
      • Dec, 1 2012 03:44pm


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