• Nintendo Hardware History
    • Nintendo Hardware History

      • You're right, Smash Brothers Melee and Brawl were total shit. The Wavebird for the Gamecube was the first accurate wireless controller for any console. Nintendo's motion controller for the Wii was so successful that it prompted both Microsoft and Sony to get into the motion control scene to the degree that Nintendo had, and was emulated by Sony almost EXACTLY with the exception of the ping pong ball on top. Also, TLOZ: Ocarina Of Time scored higher than any game released on the X-box, 360, PSX, PS2, or PS3, getting a perfect 10 in many venues, including Game Informer. Your argument of my being a "Scrotal Wart" is invalid, and silly by comparison to your obvious lack of knowledge.
      • Dec, 1 2012 03:02pm
    • Nintendo Hardware History
    • Nintendo Hardware History

      • Microsoft's X-box was carried by Halo, and money was lost on every system sold. The 360 had an average failure rate of 60% out-of-the-box for an eventual Red Ring of Death due to poor manufacturing standards by Microsoft. Sony's Playstation only came about as a viable system after many different companies, including Nintendo, had there part in creating it. Sega's hardware manufacturing tanked. Who out of Sega, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo has had nothing but steady success sense they got into the console market? In 1983 with the Famicom, or otherwise known as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Nintendo hit the market and coined the term "console gaming". Without Nintendo, there simply would not be any other console as we know them today.So kindly, pretty please, with sugar on top, pass the glue.
      • Dec, 1 2012 03:51am

      • Only 10 of the 31 pics are ACTUAL meme's, and some meme's were used more than once at that! And the bulk of these pics are found on other galleries from THIS weeks featured galleries. Complete and total fail.
      • Nov, 30 2012 06:22pm
    • Human Powered Rube Goldeberg Machine
    • Human Powered Rube Goldeberg Machine

      • Not that it isn't cool or anything, but there is quite a few spots where the camera cuts away to a totally different shot conveniently and also, some completely human done sequences that the only continuing part of the chain was them running.
      • Oct, 7 2012 11:41pm
    • Bob Ross Remixed
    • Bob Ross Remixed

      • We're just gonna paint a happy little bush here.... Mmmmmmmm, that's refreshing...
      • Oct, 3 2012 12:56pm


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