• Football Trick Shots
    • Football Trick Shots

      • First of all, this video is a year late. Throwing balls into trashcans and hitting moving targets is played out as fuck. Second, this meathead, roided-out, gay voiced, fist pumping faggot is lamest dickhead I have seen in a LONG TIME. YEAAAAAAAH (fist pump).
      • Sep, 7 2012 08:18pm
    • WTFAQ
    • WTFAQ

      • This is the worst re-design I have ever seen. People come to Ebaumsworld because it has a wide range of EASY TO ACCESS viral videos, and admittedly the videos are funniest when you are baked off your ass. How do you expect a stoner to navigate this page?!? Come on people.
      • Jun, 21 2012 12:40pm
    • Armydive  Fail
    • Armydive Fail

      • @tkn You can tell you have no involvement with the military kid. Google TKN1989 and there is absolutely nothing that indicates any military involvement or history. Get a job sir.
      • May, 29 2012 12:55pm
    • Armydive  Fail
    • Armydive Fail

      • @tkn If you don't mind, since you need to make it known to the world that you are in Afganistan, what unit are you with? I have a lot of buddies and family members in the armed forces and know that nobody who serves talks the way you do. Be a little more humble and its more believable.
      • May, 29 2012 12:51pm
    • Armydive  Fail
    • Armydive Fail

      • @tkn You obviously have some kind of mental or emotional issues. Did daddy leave when you were a little boy, is that why you feel the need to seek respect through threats of reporting people you don't know. Get a life a quit being a bitch.
      • May, 29 2012 12:49pm


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