• Harmonic Hijack
    • Harmonic Hijack

      • Depersonalization is something I've had to grow accustomed to, otherwise I'd just be losing my shit. So more-so the latter of your post, just obvious cognitive malfunctions with visual components. It's like watching a linear stream fragment and rearrange into borderline unintelligible mush at erratic intervals. The content of these malfunctions are usually technical in nature, like two feeds splicing unnaturally, and often coupled with visual distortions and impaired processing of physical stimuli. (My depth perception is wonky and often I don't register objects that are part of a whole as such.)
      • Aug, 31 2015 10:24pm
    • Harmonic Hijack
    • Harmonic Hijack

      • Meds compressed. I can still slip back into rationality on a whim, though it drifts and schisms from time to time, just flare ups and twitchy kinda shit. The only part I'm worried about is regaining my physical senses. No hallucinations, just intense visual distortions from time to time.
      • Aug, 29 2015 03:05pm
    • Getting better
    • Getting better

      • Believing that's a fools errand certainly, uh, improved my situation.
      • Aug, 22 2015 09:24pm
    • Getting better
    • Getting better

      • Different diagnosis from different psychiatrists, pumped with with a colorful variety of pills. Most aren't crooked, even though I'll test their integrity and honesty, which they'll understandably side-step and weave a comforting obfuscation. They're engineered by institutional knowledge, processed and molded into machines designed to replicate. I'll stick with my illicits. Always nice to hear about a successful trial, though.
      • Aug, 21 2015 10:30pm
    • The Flash
    • The Flash

      • And I don't want to have my knobs turned by transient operators. The echoes are turning my brain to mush. We can't always get what you want. Try huffing though.
      • Aug, 21 2015 12:39pm
    • What Pisses Me Off Vol 14
    • What Pisses Me Off Vol 14

      • the fact my brain's being shredded by gravitational drifts leading to who the fuck knows where for what fucking reason why do i care.
      • Aug, 3 2015 12:46am


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