• FL Deputy Threatens to Shoot Concealed Carry Licensee
    • FL Deputy Threatens to Shoot Concealed...

      • I fully agree with that, but this cop handled things all wrong. he freaked out as if the man came at him. Then arresting him for leaning over for his proof of insurance when the officer asked for it, that's ridiculous. Though, I wonder why the man got out of the vehicle in the first place. In my opinion the cop is in the wrong and should receive a rip and the man should be warned to stay in the vehicle when pulled over.
      • Jan, 19 2013 02:59am
    • Evolution In Action
    • Evolution In Action

      • There's a "farm" in Ohio that has been breeding foxes for housepets for years. They haven't done any selective breeding, they instead take the fox kits away after 2 weeks and hand raise them until they are of adoption age. Technically they aren't "domesticated" and I'd love to own one of this new russian breed.. But, I still might adopt one of these fox kits from Ohio. From what I understand they are incredibly loving. It inspires a bit of thought, these people in the video say it's in the breeding, the people in Ohio say it's in the nurturing.. Pretty interesting to me.
      • Jan, 14 2013 03:19am

      • I hope they get pulled over for driving a vehicle that is too wide for proper use.
      • Jan, 12 2013 08:58am


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