• Man Shoots Boy 13 Citing Defence of Property
    • Man Shoots Boy 13 Citing Defence of...

      • I don't get why he shot him.. or after he realized it was a kid he zip tied him.. but the kid isn't innocent either.. I hate that he commented about the kids skin color so that this actually does turn into a race issue, because I f'ing hate race issues...
      • Nov, 15 2012 10:26am
    • SAVE TEEN KRISTA! She is going to commit SUICIDE
    • SAVE TEEN KRISTA! She is going to...

      • What I'm going to say is not a statement to troll. It is what I believe. Retarded people should be humanely euthanized at birth. Think of it this way, if when you die you are able to be reincarnated, and they say you are coming back as a retard, wouldn't you want to be reborn in a society that euthanizes the retarded? I personally wouldn't want to live like that.. EVER... So, if you think about it like that, then an autistic girl committing suicide isn't such a horrible thing, is it?
      • Nov, 15 2012 10:02am
    • Bar Fight
    • Bar Fight

      • Kindof a pussy fight.. but whatever.. Don't start shit won't be shit...
      • Nov, 15 2012 03:02am

      • This vid just annoyed me... Why the f wouldn't the kid actually go? You can tell it would go way faster..
      • Nov, 12 2012 03:24am


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