• Can Homosexuals Change
    • Can Homosexuals Change

      • I was unaware they had web chat in the third century. Oh wait this shit is current, and she's actually being serious! OK, where's the bottle of pills? This is the stupid straw that has broke my will to live. Goodbye cruel world filled with bible thumping wingnuts!
      • Jan, 3 2013 01:31pm
    • Eat Da Poo Poo
    • Eat Da Poo Poo

      • It is men like this that have set volatile standards over the ages that have led to intolerance and death. This man is dangerous and should be locked up before he becomes the next murdering world dictator. Or we could just through him into a pit full of disco dancing boys with a hunger like no other, that seems suited for this prick.
      • Jun, 3 2010 03:11pm
    • Obama Waffles
    • Obama Waffles

      • Now if they were served with chicken you'd all have something to yell about.
      • Sep, 17 2008 12:20am
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