• WARNING GRAPHIC -  Man Throws a dog off a third-floor balcony - DOG SURVIVED
    • WARNING GRAPHIC - Man Throws a dog off...

      • i just found out that the owner faced an Athens prosecutor on Monday on charges of animal abuse after allegedly throwing a dog off a third-floor balcony.A prosecutor has launched an investigation into the incident which allegedly took place while the owner entered the apartment to evict his tenants. The tenants were not there but the dog was and the owner is alleged to have thrown it off the balcony.The property owner, who was not identified, denied the charges, claiming that the dog fell off the balcony by mistake.Two neighbors told police they saw the dog fall but were unable to identify the owner who was released pending his appearance before a prosecutor
      • Aug, 5 2016 08:42pm
    • Angry Bogans Get Pulled Over
    • Angry Bogans Get Pulled Over

      • One story is tourist named '' Roberto Laudisio Curti ''21 years old from brazil was tazed to death for stealing 2 packets of biscuits from a store in sydney.He was just drunk, he had no gun or anythingFUCK THE POLICE
      • Jan, 18 2014 03:36pm
    • Angry Bogans Get Pulled Over
    • Angry Bogans Get Pulled Over

      • Australia is run by a Socialist government. Socialists do not recognize individual Rights. They consider each person a piece of a great socially engineered machine to be managed by politicians and bureaucrats. Your own free will is not part of their scheme. This is why the Socialists disarmed Australians. They do this whenever they take over a country, to prevent its citizens from rising up and expelling the politicians.
      • Jan, 18 2014 12:34pm
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