• Some Other Things You Should Never Forget
    • Some Other Things You Should Never...

      • Above is how I feel about this blog. You took 9/11 and turned it to a shitty blog about shit no one cares about..... Great job there on Remembering 9/11..................... And Insulting that day.
      • Sep, 11 2012 08:19pm
    • EBW Outage
    • EBW Outage

      • @shy, and what is the point your trying to make, oh queen of ebaums blogs? And yes, super saiyajin level 4 mind you of dyslexia....... Eye's Dont reed tooo goud.........
      • Sep, 11 2012 08:03pm
    • EBW Outage
    • EBW Outage

      • The excuse is one fucks it up for everyone. Then claims he's doing it for IA purposes, then goes on line and claims he did it and tries to act badass in the shadows of the web. The web we weave of the web. Or simple case of autism..........You deciced
      • Sep, 10 2012 08:35pm
    • EBW Outage
    • EBW Outage

      • DreaD08 %u200F@Dread_LPMI love the fact that go daddy got hacked. I mean facor: Many Small businesses rely on traffic/adverts/Money use the system. Anon 1% my ass. @Dread_LPM Just think about that..Hactivism @ it's worst........@Dread_LPM Oh wait, like LuLzSec, There is always one bad seed. ANON in general does not claim responsibility.How about policing your own.
      • Sep, 10 2012 08:09pm
    • EBW Outage
    • EBW Outage

      • Anonymous %u200F@YourAnonNewsPlease redirect your godaddy hate to @AnonymousOwn3r says is the 'leader' of Anonymous. #derp Have #lulz with that.
      • Sep, 10 2012 06:28pm


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I know I know It's been awhile since I've been on but I've been discovering magical places around the world on my Unicorn. or horse with a paper towl cylinder glued to it's head but people in 3rd world countries don't need to know that. But I am creeping back into EBW and testing the waters again.

I am not a mod anymore. I don't know the TOS like a bible.

I'm just back that is all

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