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    • Banned Ad: Alexandria Runs Strapless
      • Banned Ad: Alexandria Runs Strapless
      • What's up cum guzzler. My biceps are bigger than your entire existence. On a scale from 1 to 10 I am a 100 and you don't even register. My shit is so cash its obvious my chicken heads love my shredded bod. I can bench more than you make in a year at your burger job. While you sit here refreshing the comments page, I'm over here whaling on my pecs while my bitches sit on my back jerking their beans off. while I'm logged into my bank account watching it rise like the rivers of Capistrano. You will never be as good as me, shit's so cash I'm shredded as fuck it's obvious I'm humble as fuck, bruh! IMSOCA$H
      • 10:59pm Jul, 24 2014
    • Banned Ad: Alexandria Runs Strapless
      • Banned Ad: Alexandria Runs Strapless
      • Oh congratulations, I hope you feel betterabout yourself you smug dickhead. I'll admit,you might have got a few people to go alongwith that little charade, but not as many asyou think. I bet you must feel like you'rereally smart, huh? Well i have news for youEinstein, you're just another basementdwelling, asexual smart ass who has to"prank" people on the internetbecause you don't have the gumption to messwith somebody in the real world. Really, youmust be one lonely fucker, sittin' there withyour cock in hand fucking your palm to somelarge breasted woman you would NEVER in amillion years get to even touch. You're notsmarter than anyone, you're not clever, you'rejust a pompous asshole that needs to makepeople feel inferior on the internet to makeup for that sad and sexless excuse that youcall your "life"
      • 10:57pm Jul, 24 2014
    • Banned Ad: Alexandria Runs Strapless
      • Banned Ad: Alexandria Runs Strapless
      • Judging from your posts, it looks like you take pleasure trolling e-baums to talk gutter talk and make as much trouble as you can. Are you really that big and bad? Is being witty behind a pc that important to you? Guess what? I don't think anyone is that afraid of you or your desire to be a badass. You're not as big and bad as you think you are. In fact, it would be interesting to know how old you are. I comment once in a while here. I've been watching... You come on here like you think you're some fucking viking or something, in sporadic fits and act like you own the place. Seriously, what the fuck?!? If all you can do is call people names and dole out as much trash toward others as you can, then you got problems, dude. Though you wish the worst for others (apparent in your many comments), I wish you well and hope you can find satisfaction someday from something other than being inflammatory on the internet.
      • 10:56pm Jul, 24 2014
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I am a musican, with a studio. When I'm putting in hours of mixing and mastering work, I like to unwind on here by giving as many people as much shit as I can tolerate. I put up some of my originals at times, if you hear them, you can bet that that is all me.
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