• The Skin Flute
    • The Skin Flute

      • the man they showed playing the guitar is Eddie Van Halen playing the solo in "Hot for teacher" and the skin flute? lol why would you say that on live t.v.?
      • Jun, 21 2007 11:08pm
    • curios mouse pisses itself
    • curios mouse pisses itself

      • well either the mouse was scared or the snake squized the piss outta the mouse lol but either way wat a vid
      • Apr, 12 2007 05:45am
    • Dumb Psychc 2
    • Dumb Psychc 2

      • this is so stupid!!!ok its all a set up basically they guess on wat the situation they are talking about. and if they screw up they try to say sumthing like "well it looks like sumthing hit her in the chest" that elimates things and keeps people guessing because from sumone collapseing it has to be sum type of heart faillure. so thats why the mother said "could it be her heart?" it made her guess to think that the psych is real. its all fake.
      • Feb, 10 2007 04:17am


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Van Halen just signed a contract with David Lee Roth on Wednesday Feb, 7 2007 and they are officially going on tour this summer! unfortunenatly Micheal Anthony (bassist) has left VH but Eddie's son Wolfie Will be FIlling in. =VH=

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