• Planet Problems..
    • Planet Problems..

      • Shit you are right! fuck used the wrong image. REEE Dooo hahah
      • Mar, 19 2014 01:49pm
    • True Gamer
    • True Gamer

      • And you obviously have bad visual comprehension to not notice my display pic lmao. Guilty conscious?? Am I using too big of words for you? Here I will dumb it down for ya, You=In fact lack the girlfriend and getting laid based on the evidence you may in fact be a moron. Or the girl you have is just as dumb as you are, 240lbs, and works at the register at wal-mart when I buy my condoms. Good luck in life Spider-Bart...Good luck.
      • Aug, 13 2012 02:30pm
    • Fawn Dating 2
    • Fawn Dating 2

      • lmao, I was thinking about that actually, or "Horrible, Fawn'd out she was a he"
      • Aug, 9 2012 10:06pm
    • Mourning the loss of an Icon
    • Mourning the loss of an Icon

      • lol! I pictured that in my head hahah. Some people I guess take life too serious, glad you enjoyed it :)
      • Feb, 15 2012 05:42pm
    • Dog the 'Bounty' Hunter
    • Dog the 'Bounty' Hunter

      • And I doubt many of the pictures created do not actually happen or consist of literal terminology. It's a pun. I'm a punny guy I tell ya.
      • Feb, 15 2012 05:39pm


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