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    • Here, have a Banana
      • Here, have a Banana
      • Look up some info on feral children. There is a huge difference between wild animals and humans. I mean claiming someone is a wild beast because he wants to have sex with a woman is just ludicrous. The simple fact that he can communicate with spoken language is proof that he has a higher intellect. You can see it physiologically, the make up of the brain is completely different in feral humans. In animals as well, a domesticated pet is markedly more intelligent than his wild counterpart. The whole content of your blog falls apart within the first sentence.
      • 08:03am Mar, 16 2015
    • Catholicism a Religion of Science
      • Catholicism a Religion of Science
      • you're generalizing it too much, in some cases yes but they have apologized for it. Being rich in the middle ages allowed them to finance science that no one else would have had the purse to do. Youtube Terry Jones videos on medieval life. Dude from Monty Python. I think it's the life of the monk, or philosopher he talks about it. It's actually pretty good.
      • 07:52am Mar, 16 2015
    • Catholicism a Religion of Science
      • Catholicism a Religion of Science
      • its not religion vs science. metaphysics has nothing to do with empirical methods. but yes the catholic church is the reason that the dark ages ended when they did.
      • 09:34am Feb, 19 2015
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