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    • TV Station Gets Pranked
      • TV Station Gets Pranked
      • I would like to personally take out some space on today%u2019s blog to apologize for the lapse in my editorial judgment. In being overly cautious to include every single name we receive in our birthday list I didn%u2019t read each name carefully enough to understand that the birthday list was used as a joke by some very mean people. Birthday time on KTVO-TV in the Morning is by far my favorite time of the day. It gives the morning team and me a chance to connect with each of our viewers in an intimate situation and have a little fun. As the morning anchor and producer I will promise you that in the future we will always be more careful in selecting the names that appear on your screen and material that you are subjected to. Again, I apologize and it will NEVER happen again. (from ktovs website) pwned!
      • 11:31pm Apr, 9 2009
    • Douchebag 2
      • Douchebag 2
      • ha! you switched the faces
      • 01:25pm Jan, 29 2009
    • Rapist's
      • Rapist's
      • funny as shit!
      • 01:06pm Sep, 4 2008
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