• A bit of what I like
    • A bit of what I like

      • Religion caused America, so it caused the nigh on total annihilation of an entire civilizations of peoples, whom are now referred to as "native Americans."Religion or acts committed in its name has been responsible for millions of deaths, ridiculous superstition, the dark ages for example, the Spanish inquisition, witch trials, and what is worse its still bloody happening.
      • Dec, 26 2015 03:49pm
    • A bit of what I like
    • A bit of what I like

      • How do you think religions were created, from one man or woman, no they are collective fabrications. Faith has been around a lot longer than me, but I hope believing in a fictional being in the sky will disappear before I am gone, go pray to Jebuz, child.
      • Dec, 26 2015 02:58pm
    • 5 of The Creepiest Unexplained Mysteries
    • 5 of The Creepiest Unexplained Mysteries

      • I have to admit that the 17th century astronaut seemed pretty spectacular the first time I saw it but here is a bit from wiki which seems to explain it............... "Among the ornate carvings on the faade is the incongruous likeness of an astronaut floating in space. The New Cathedral was undergoing restoration work in 1992, and one of the artisans engaged in the project chose to engage in a bit of tradition by "signing" his work with a contemporary symbol representative of the 20th century: an astronaut.",_Salamanca
      • Oct, 7 2015 03:58pm
    • 25 Ludicrous Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe
    • 25 Ludicrous Conspiracy Theories People...

      • While a lot of this theories are wildly outlandish and obviously complete fabrications, but before you dimiss the 9/11 atrocity as not a false flag attack, look at declassified documents from 1962. In which a series of proposals known as Operation Northwoods, drawn up by the Department of Defence and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in which CIA operatives would commit acts of terrorism against the continental United States in order to frame "Cuban Terrorists" so that the American populace would support an invasion of Cuba. This is not no wild conspiracy theory, it is cold hard fact, look it up. The only thing that stopped the plans going ahead was the Kennedy administration rejecting it. So if the DOD, Joint Chiefs, CIA have proposed it in the past, who is to say that they did not do so again in the 90's, and this time it got the sign off.
      • Feb, 3 2015 05:06pm
    • Kilgore's Sunday Brunch
    • Kilgore's Sunday Brunch

      • #32, I couldn't help but notice that the envelope she is holding has "anal" printed on it.
      • Jan, 25 2015 06:40pm


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