• Nonchalant Compilation of 40 Remarkable Images
    • Nonchalant Compilation of 40 Remarkable...

      • #16 This is so frustrating there are thousands of people jumping in total unison then there is the wanker in the red top bottom right hand corner totally out of time...
      • Apr, 4 2017 04:16pm
    • Newly Declassified 9/11 Photos Show The Aftermath Of The Pentagon Attack
    • Newly Declassified 9/11 Photos Show The...

      • Well Vagabond what you didn't mention was the fact that the aftermath of Flight 1771 there was a massive debris field and there were human remains found, as well as many other things including the bullet cases and the gun Burke used to kill the pilots, hell they even found the note written on a sick bag. There was masses of debris everywhere but the photographs of the Pentagon there is nothing at all except now for these "declassified" photos. I think it is extremely convenient that none of the photos of the debris show that they were taken on the day of the crash or that they were actually ever at the Pentagon. They could have been taken anywhere. Not just that look at the photos in this gallery taken outside near where the "plane" hit where is the debris in the close up photos. Look at any pictures on the internet after a high speed crash, including flight 1771 and you can clearly see debris everywhere but not in the ones outside the pentagon.... its a cover up.
      • Apr, 1 2017 12:56pm
    • Fucking Charities
    • Fucking Charities

      • I know it was in a kind of ranty incoherent format so I apologise but you've completely missed the point go to a homeless shelter? Why are there homeless shelter there shouldn't be homeless shelters every five years some new arsehole promises to change the world and they do nothing, nothing changes ever, which allows for questionable at best leaders to come into power and that is why Brexit has happened as the people are sick of the establishment and the fact that NOTHING truly changes.I understand that there are good charities and they're not all bad and some are honest and that we can make sure where a 100% percent our donations go but look I am from the UK I am guessing you are from the USA we live in two of the most democratic, rich and free countries in the world and there are fucking homeless shelters and people living on the streets. There is more than enough money to help but its with the 1%
      • Mar, 24 2017 04:36am
    • A bit of what I like
    • A bit of what I like

      • Religion caused America, so it caused the nigh on total annihilation of an entire civilizations of peoples, whom are now referred to as "native Americans."Religion or acts committed in its name has been responsible for millions of deaths, ridiculous superstition, the dark ages for example, the Spanish inquisition, witch trials, and what is worse its still bloody happening.
      • Dec, 26 2015 03:49pm


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