• 13 Rare 9/11 Photos That You've Probably Never Seen Before
    • 13 Rare 9/11 Photos That You've...

      • There was no live footage of planes hitting it was only later on the supposed "live" footage and this is edited and poorly. A plane disappears behind buildings as it is poorly edited. On the underside of the supposed passenger jet is a large spherical bulbous part which is not a part of the design which pilots and designers have confirmed are not a part of the design. Said plane with a bulbous protrusion somehow entered the building and the nose exited the other side, you can see it on the "live" footage, which is impossible. There was a test of a fighter jet hitting a concrete wall and the fighter jet atomised. There is so much details that cannot be explained as it was a false flag. If you don't agree with me just look up Operation Northwoods where the American Joint Chiefs of staff to hijack planes and commit false flag terrorist attacks to implicate Cuba in the 1960's, it was only JFK who stopped them and look what happened to him. If they would do it to Cuba, they would do it to a
      • Sep, 13 2017 04:38pm
    • Dante's Wings Gifs n Things #460
    • Dante's Wings Gifs n Things #460

      • #62 why is there smoke coming from the tower before it was hit, and its not from the second tower look how the line differs near the top.
      • Sep, 11 2017 05:06pm
    • Jesus is a pagan symbol
    • Jesus is a pagan symbol

      • I posted something which was mentioned somewhere else, you came to the wrong site for authenticity... and where did they get it from, uh the bible, books maybe? So did they "rip" it from the bible or tens of thousands of years of religious writings and scepticism. Well done you saw it somewhere else you get a cold star but I fail to see any kind of point just because it has been mentioned elsewhere...
      • May, 6 2017 03:15pm


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