• Stupid Jumprope With No Rope
    • Stupid Jumprope With No Rope

      • Wow! I'd totally pay 3 easy installments of $19.95 for this! OH WAIT, I got a better idea. Okay, you can have my product for free! Just go to your local sidewalk, and look for a piece of rope. It's so much better than this junk! It doesn't require batteries, it's free, and you don't look like a retard doing it! Well, at least as much of a retard...oh yeah, you can also build some agility too! This junk just emphasizes the point that people are idiots and trip over their own feet, and then feel too dumb to do anything about it, so they make even dumber solutions. :P
      • Aug, 11 2009 02:37am
    • Michael Jackson Face Found In Tree Stump
    • Michael Jackson Face Found In Tree Stump

      • OMG ITS A FU.KKIN TREE STUMP. A famous child molester, who everyone hated alive, died. He deserved it. Now everyone's putting him on the same fuc.king level as Jesus? Damn! Talk about worshiping false idols. I'm not religious or anything, but this is just wrong! Get the fuck over it, who cares he's dead! These idiots piss me right the off!
      • Jul, 12 2009 04:24pm
    • Senator Says Earth is 6000 Years Old
    • Senator Says Earth is 6000 Years Old

      • She's just like those people who still believe the earth is flat, or that evolution doesn't exist, or that there is no probability of another planet harboring life. Cmon, this is one galaxy, with billions of solar systems, each containing planets with the possibility of harboring life. Consider that there are billions of galaxies with billions of solar systems per galaxy, and it's pretty damn probable there is life somewhere else in the universe. It's also pretty damn probable that they're advanced. I'm not saying aliens exist, I'm just thinking logically and with common sense, and I'm tired of government officials with no common sense.
      • Jul, 11 2009 03:42am


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