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    • Look Who's Still In The Race
      • Look Who's Still In The Race
      • I had my gallbladder removed a while ago, only took about an hour or so and it cost me nothing. The doctor and I were talking later on after the surgery and he said to me in our conversation "In the USA, depending on what state you live in you can pay anywhere from $10K upwards to $50K just for a simple operation such as this" Does you doctor do house calls where you live? They do where I live.
      • 06:50pm Oct, 10 2014
      • I pay $48 a month for 700-800 mbps down and around 200mbps upload with a bandwidth of 500gb a month and I have been with my ISP for about 6 years now. I use to work for them installing fiber optic cables before I quit and started my own business. Google's not beating any competition where I live.
      • 08:20am Aug, 30 2014
    • The American Dream is No Longer an Option
      • The American Dream is No Longer an Option
      • Same here man. I grew up on a farm and was driving tractors, bailing hay, raising many animals at a very young age. We did not have much but we managed to get by. My son wants to get into game developing so I am just helping him to fulfill his dream. I do have control of both gaming servers and sometimes I do spend some quality time with him playing BF or even minecraft. Sure, I'm a grown man and do still enjoy playing video games ever since I played the nes for the first time and even after I retire I will still probably enjoy playing them. Nothing wrong with that. It's not kids that develop these games but grown men and woman who have a passion in it and make a killing at the same time.
      • 01:42pm Aug, 4 2014
    • The American Dream is No Longer an Option
      • The American Dream is No Longer an Option
      • lol. I don't run it bud, my son does. Just so you know, it only cost him around $150 a month, it's a 250 slot server and he pulls in anywhere from $500 to $1500 a month in VIP donations. He has given me almost $5,000 in the past 3-4 months which I have been putting away for him. He said he wants to save it so that he can have a college education in computer programing and or engineering. How much money were you making at 13?
      • 07:53pm Aug, 3 2014
    • Images...
      • Images...
      • Here, let me correct the title of this picture for you. Puppets...
      • 07:33pm Aug, 3 2014
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