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    • The American Dream is No Longer an Option
      • The American Dream is No Longer an Option
      • Same here man. I grew up on a farm and was driving tractors, bailing hay, raising many animals at a very young age. We did not have much but we managed to get by. My son wants to get into game developing so I am just helping him to fulfill his dream. I do have control of both gaming servers and sometimes I do spend some quality time with him playing BF or even minecraft. Sure, I'm a grown man and do still enjoy playing video games ever since I played the nes for the first time and even after I retire I will still probably enjoy playing them. Nothing wrong with that. It's not kids that develop these games but grown men and woman who have a passion in it and make a killing at the same time.
      • 01:42pm Aug, 4 2014
    • The American Dream is No Longer an Option
      • The American Dream is No Longer an Option
      • lol. I don't run it bud, my son does. Just so you know, it only cost him around $150 a month, it's a 250 slot server and he pulls in anywhere from $500 to $1500 a month in VIP donations. He has given me almost $5,000 in the past 3-4 months which I have been putting away for him. He said he wants to save it so that he can have a college education in computer programing and or engineering. How much money were you making at 13?
      • 07:53pm Aug, 3 2014
    • Images...
      • Images...
      • Here, let me correct the title of this picture for you. Puppets...
      • 07:33pm Aug, 3 2014
    • Evolution? 2
      • Evolution? 2
      • Science has been around LONG before any church. Scientific discovery's, which is pretty much everything you see around you that is man made is also never 100% settled - science deals in probabilities, not certainties and is about narrowing uncertainty. No science is ever settled. Religion, however, is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence and is problem one the greatest cons ever created by man.
      • 02:18pm Aug, 3 2014
    • Evolution? 2
      • Evolution? 2
      • I've said it before and I'll say it again. Religion easily has to be the greatest bullshit story ever told and is the number one cause of every war that has ever existed on this planet. You're all basically killing each other to see who's got the better imaginary friend.
      • 02:02pm Aug, 3 2014
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