• Opies Elevator - Jay Mohr, Deepak Chopra, And The Stanley Cup
    • Opies Elevator - J. Mohr And Deepak...

      • WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THESE VIDS!! They are not funny, they are not insane, they are not amazing why do they keep on featuring them. FUCK I used to love ebaums but ever since they got bought out by ZVUE a few years ago its all gone to shit. I don't want to watch dumbass kittens, im sick of seeing a faceplant that is exactly like all the rest of them and if you guys do manage to feature a good video its just one you guys obviously saw on that has already been up at the very minimum 2 days. Now you guys are adding commercials to your videos and ROBBING members of their EBONES all the time. Its us that are going out finding these videos FOR YOU and you guys basically say HEY THANKS FOR MAKING US MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND PAYING OUR BILLS NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF AND START AT SQUARE ONE ON YOUR POINTS. FUCK YOU ZVUE you have ruined ebaumsworld.
      • May, 3 2013 07:10am
    • Turbine Powered Remote Controlled Jet
    • Turbine Powered Remote Controlled Jet

      • Yeah I like how I uploaded this vid like 2 years ago and now some douche bag gets it featured by uploading it two days ago. Ebaums is such a piece of shit. I swear if I see one more video about cats or a skateboarder faceplanting im going to shoot myself.
      • Mar, 19 2013 01:09am
    • What Happens To Bored Marines and Soldiers
    • What Happens To Bored Marines and...

      • Either that or he is one of those weird home schooled kids. I have a feeling they put him in some unimportant post by himself way on the other side of the FOB cause no one could stand him. I know if I had to share a post with him the MP's would be taking me away for friendly fire. lol
      • Aug, 7 2012 02:44pm
    • Girl Shreds Guitar in Music Store
    • Girl Shreds Guitar in Music Store

      • Okay she is pretty good but I dont understand why people post vids of themselves playing something before they have it down all the way especially when they put a heading like "AMAZING GUITAR SOLO". Again she is good and she is almost there but she needs to practice a bit more before posting a vid of her playing when its not clean.
      • Jan, 18 2012 01:39am


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