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    • Lifted Pics
      • Lifted Pics
      • # 20 is Bruce Jenner's birthday cake
      • 08:33am Jun, 25 2015
    • 13 Things To Buy Now That Amazon Has Banned Confederate Flags
      • 13 Things To Buy Now That Amazon Has Banned Confederate Flags
      • We know in America there is only one race of people that have a monopoly on race related outrage. The very accusation of prejudice against this race will send another particular race into a Guilt that must end careers, cause the media to dispatch 3 crews for round the clock coverage, professionally wrote apologies, undisclosed amounts in settlements, celebrity support, social media court, political figures making speeches and on and on it goes. to call it a double standard would be an understatement, it's pretty much a LAW that if a once race dislikes that other race for any reason its only because the color of said race.
      • 03:39pm Jun, 24 2015
    • Why We Can Never Go Back to McDonald's
      • Why We Can Never Go Back to McDonald's
      • Europeans views of America are somewhat routed in jealousy, no matter what, they just have to act like complete toolbags (Euro tool box) However, I'd take a smug, arrogant European over a a Middle Easterner any day of the week.
      • 10:35am Jun, 24 2015
    • Gallery 14
      • Gallery 14
      • We should get rid of all of this equipment and just hire Blacks to yell racist. Blacks yelling racist wins everytime!!!
      • 12:05pm Jun, 1 2015
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