• You know you seen the anti Hillary meme and typed your comment with your middle finger..
      • Apr, 25 2017 11:18am
    • 80's Women
    • 80's Women

      • Kelly LaBrock was smoking hot in Weird Science.
      • Mar, 14 2017 02:07pm
    • 29 Savage AF Memes To Brutalize Your Day
    • 29 Savage AF Memes To Brutalize Your Day

      • His terrorist family even filed a lawsuit knowing it would never win in the State Of Texas, But However filed it in hopes of a Hush Hush out of court settlement.. Also remember how fast liberalism rallied around this terrorist in training including that flop Obama.
      • Mar, 13 2017 09:19pm
    • Trump GIF Dump #4
    • Trump GIF Dump #4

      • President Obama was caught on a hot mic cozening up telling outgoing Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that if given "space," he'll have more flexibility "after my election."How did that work out??? How many times did you post these Galleries than? And end of the day you're a shill...An entrenched liberal goon who has been brainwashed by left leaning hate towards anything that is no Liberalism ...Is almost like a religion to you turds.
      • Dec, 15 2016 08:29am
    • Trump GIF Dump
    • Trump GIF Dump

      • I remember when Trump was the man....Until he decided to run against Democrats ...Now look what they paint his as...Nice try...but we already know who he is...and its not any of this cornball shit
      • Dec, 14 2016 11:42am
    • Evil Space Conqueror Trump
    • Evil Space Conqueror Trump

      • Trump was the the fucking man, Until he decided to run against democrats and now this is how they paint him...anyone with common sense can see this...I guess thats why so many brain dead liberal morons actual believe it, let alone vote for that criminal hag.
      • Dec, 7 2016 12:15pm


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