• Skittles Feet
    • Skittles Feet

      • i know, a bunch of people all agreed to greenlight this project. LOL If i worked for skittles i woulda been the one guy going.... uhhhhh.... guys..... thats a giant negative. I woulda made it 2 chicks and she grew skittles on her tats! Now thats good marketing!
      • Aug, 12 2008 02:41pm
    • I Hate My Roommate
    • I Hate My Roommate

      • Honestly, what a piece of fucking shit. Please believe if someone put my cat in a fridge (for god knows how long) i would literally take a shit, piss and puke in a bucket for a month and dump it on that sack of shit
      • Aug, 12 2008 02:21pm
    • Crazy Bachelor Party Stripper
    • Crazy Bachelor Party Stripper

      • hahah amazing...they needed to lose the last minute.... when buddy is being pelted by vagina balls i nearly died! hahaha plus bodyguard needs to stop pulling the jimmy fallon
      • Aug, 11 2008 03:06pm
    • Security Guard Attacks Singer During Concert
    • Security Guard Attacks Singer During...

      • i own "live tonight sold out" but still solid vid my favorite part for sure. I heard they literally had to duck outta that spot immediately after. buddy got rocked
      • Aug, 10 2008 11:31pm
    • Breast Reduction?
    • Breast Reduction?

      • my ex lost alot of weight so at that point she was considering getting a reduction or an implant. The reduction is free (in Canada) but they cut from the bottom middle upwards and around the nipple .. which means alot of scarring (would subside however.) The implant was just one. Point is, you should weigh your options. If having surgery and being out of commission for a month seems like its worth it then i'd say by all means. If not, then maybe start running everyday, i heard breasts are one of the first places woman lose weight.
      • Aug, 6 2008 12:03pm


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