• First, first date in almost 20 years
    • First, first date in almost 20 years

      • Did she tell you to call her again... or did you ask and she said you could? I would have told her I had a great time and then left the ball in her court. Put the onus on her to call you if she wants to see you again. then if she calls, don't answer. Call back (at least several hours) later and say you couldn't answer the phone at the time. Make yourself unavailable at times, but then be warm, friendly and flirty. Works like magic. If you make yourself too available early on in this new relationship your reaching will just push her further away.
      • May, 4 2011 01:19am
    • Would you?
    • Would you?

      • Hey! I didn't read this blog because it's too damn long and I'm too damn drunk right now. But!..., I just wanted to comment on the new avatar. If that's really you, minus the red clown nose, I sooo wanna make sweet sweet lovings to you because you are officially hot in my book and waaaaay sexier than I thought you would otherwise be until seeing this pic. Mmmm you're cute ;)
      • Dec, 2 2010 04:31am
    • Lover Forever Lost
    • Lover Forever Lost

      • ahhh... the seagull... I wonder what that stupid bird is doing now?
      • Nov, 29 2010 11:35pm
    • ---Less
    • ---Less

      • Dude, where the fuck have you been?
      • Nov, 13 2010 01:43am


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