• What Happens When You Don't Keep Your Mouth Shut
    • What Happens When You Don't Keep Your...

      • Holy shit, people are sensitive. All he said is "It is requested that everyone maintains a level of silence and respect". The douchebags in the background were being rude, and the soldier told them so, in a very very polite, but direct way. No threats were made. Nobody's rights were infringed upon. Stop whining, bitches!!
      • Oct, 28 2011 01:51pm
    • Grandma Got Too Drunk
    • Grandma Got Too Drunk

      • Pick one of the at least two equations. Differentiate and solve for one first derivative term. Plug into the other equation. Apply boundary conditions. Guess solution. Rinse, repeat.
      • Sep, 5 2011 11:20pm
    • Pendulum Waves
    • Pendulum Waves

      • The effect is due solely to the differing lengths of the pendulums. If the pendula were all the same length, they would oscillate at the same rate. If you look carefully, you can see that the pendula that is a whole-fraction length of the longest pendulum (like 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc) will be in sync more often together, than the other pendula. that's what causes the weird wavy look. You'd get the same behavior, so long as you slowly increased the lengths of the pendula no matter what.
      • May, 5 2011 12:08am
    • Pendulum Waves
    • Pendulum Waves

      • The period of a pendulum only depends on its length. Because each pendulum has a different length, it will oscillate back and forth once in a fixed time, according to its length. When pendulums have slightly different lengths, sometimes they will appear to oscillate at the same time, and as their positions change just a bit, relative to one another, due to their different periods, they will slowly fall out of sync. What we are observing is a visual representation of a phenomena called "beat-frequency", which is also the cause of all melodic harmonies. Hope that helps a bit!
      • May, 5 2011 12:04am


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