• Deputy Elbows Mentally Handicapped Woman In The Face
    • Deputy Elbows Mentally Handicapped...

      • According to the witness she was friendly up until the police arrived. Also, she's fucking retarded! If you feel the need to defend someone that hit a mentally handicapped person in the face for saying insulting words, then you should take a look at yourself and understand why everyone probably fucking hates you. The biggest asshole I've ever met wouldn't defend this sort of behavior, so you must be a total anti-social prick who hates the world because you haven't realized that people actually see what you are, a disgusting, immoral person. You should grow up and start thinking about the kind of person that you are, because you are a real piece of shit right now, really pathetic...
      • Jan, 14 2012 07:21pm
    • We The People
    • We The People

      • Because most of them are, it was started by people who knew what the fuck they were talking about, then it became trendy, and the media only interviewed the ignorant trendsetters instead of the woken up, and informed. It was basically a movement that was hijacked by morons...
      • Jan, 11 2012 05:29pm
    • Huge Snowstorm To Hit Eastern United States in February 2012
    • Huge Snowstorm To Hit Eastern United...

      • Sounds scary Frankie, I live in Michigan. But fortunately long term weather predictions are not very accurate. It's hard enough getting the weather correct in a 7 day span, much less predicting the weather a month or two from now, so I would be careful about predictions, they are not very accurate most of the time. Regardless, if you were the weatherman in my city, I'd never miss it!
      • Jan, 5 2012 06:44pm

      • I watched it the whole time, the vote count seemed very weird, always had a near exact count below Romney and Santorum the entire time. Seemed very fishy to me, plus the numbers were supposed to be published, but for "safety" measures, they have not yet been seen... Santorum wins? Bullshit, he wasn't even in double digits in the polls two weeks ago, now all of a sudden he takes Iowa... It's complete fucking fraud.
      • Jan, 4 2012 12:56am
    • Alcohol Abuse Vs. Marijuana Abuse
    • Alcohol Abuse Vs. Marijuana Abuse

      • The only negatives to Marijuana are the laws against it. The prohibition of Marijuana has allowed criminal factions to form and deal to anyone, making it much easier for minors to get it, even easier to get than alcohol. These criminal outlets are very shady and dangerous to get involved in, but if you're an honest good person who just likes to get high once in a while, they have to deal with these sort of characters, and that could be very dangerous, and in some/many cases, fatal. The War on Drugs is a farce and creates more criminals than it prevents. Without the prohibition of alcohol, Al Capone would never have had the chance to be the Al Capone as we remember him today.
      • Jan, 3 2012 03:59pm


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