• Punk Learns A Lesson About Starting Shit
    • Punk Learns A Lesson About Starting Shit

      • Its always the guys who talk big who have no game. Once the bully was met with some real force, he didn't know what to do. Good for the smaller guy standing up for himself.
      • Jun, 13 2011 12:38am
    • Slovak Farmer
    • Slovak Farmer

      • What did I spell wrong? I see you have made similar angry comments to other video posters. Relax man. The videos are meant to make us laugh :)
      • Mar, 7 2011 04:59pm
    • Slovak Farmer
    • Slovak Farmer

      • This is a video about a funny Slovak farmer. Many say his actions show that he is more of a SLOvak farmer. Many Slovaks have enjoyed watching this and want to share what they laugh at in Slovakia with the rest of the world. It was a news special of the funny things Slovaks do that was from the Slovak news website: Nadrzany Somar
      • Mar, 7 2011 04:42am


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