• GM Cutting Pontiac
    • GM Cutting Pontiac

      • I'm sure it has a lot to do with what their top selling brands are. GMC is a top selling brand w/ the trucks and SVUs. What does the pontiac line offer other than the G series and the Vibe? I'm pretty sure the Solstice isn't doing well.1
      • Apr, 28 2009 01:03am
    • Fed Up
    • Fed Up

      • Ok stumpy, then I apologize I was a bit too harsh. But wallboy, I don't hate America. You only prove my point. I should accept your "discent" but mine makes me a puppet.
      • Apr, 19 2009 11:49pm
    • Fed Up
    • Fed Up

      • I love it...when conservatives rally, you call them idiots...when liberals protest, they're justified. The hypocrisy never ends. It's blatantly obvious everything you think you know about the rallies you learned in the 2-3 minute segment on CNN. Why don't you read up on the shit and you'd know it has nothing to do with republicans or democrats. It's about the careless, wasteful spending of our government as a whole. I went to the one where I live and I talked with people of different parties..and the only ones protesting the rally were misinformed Obama jock sniffers like you.
      • Apr, 17 2009 10:20pm
    • All bloggers....
    • All bloggers....

      • You forgot to mention how all the male bloggers use DirtyPretty's face as a nutrag.
      • Apr, 17 2009 01:45am
    • All bloggers....
    • All bloggers....

      • Hockey is the worst sport ever invented. You're a fucking faggot for liking it. Go sit on a traffic cone.
      • Apr, 17 2009 01:41am


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