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    • Cosplay Done Right
      • Cosplay Done Right
      • You don't own anything. The things you own, own you. If you thought you owned anything in life besides your heart and your brain you are just another sheep that believes material things will make you happy when in all reality the less baggage you have less you have holding you down. You can buy that nice car or that nice house but if you don't register that car or that house or pay taxes you bet your ass uncle same is coming to take what in all reality is his and always will be his. So as I sum up this lesson of life once again you do not own anything. anything you own, owns you? YOU FUCKING GOT THAT? WISDOM BABY! OH FUCK YA
      • 08:43am Oct, 25 2014
    • Cosplay Done Right
      • Cosplay Done Right
      • Do you guys remember the air jordan pumps? The shoes back in the early 90's that had a pump on the front lip part that was like a mini basketball and when u pumped it, it inflated your shoes to a nice snug fit? I remember in 1st grade my parents got me a pair of them for like $150 and I was the coolest kid in school. These days if you try to buy clothes and shit to fit in you are called a hipster. I was a hipster before being a hipster was cool and when it did become cool I became a jock and beat all the hipsters asses kinda like a big old gay bash
      • 08:35am Oct, 25 2014
    • Cosplay Done Right
      • Cosplay Done Right
      • I left all my windows open with the heat on last night... does this make me a bad person when my landlord pays for the oil? No, it does not because she is a bi-polar psycho greedy slut bitch with a hard on for mail order grooms that wont let me get my car off the street even doe there is an empty parking space in the driveway cuz the greedy bitch wants it for her friends that visit. Oh whats that? electricity is covered in the rent also? *turns on ever light and every t.v. in his house. oh ok then.
      • 08:25am Oct, 25 2014
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