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    • Millenium Falcon Cake
      • Millenium Falcon Cake
      • dingleberry you are fucking useless. why the fuck must you fuck up in life??? yea know i used to fuck people like you in i wasn't actually in prison but the inmates turned me on but thats important whats important is that you hve failed in life you have failed society so go crawl under a rock and die...understood?
      • 07:20pm Aug, 17 2008
    • Super Mario Wallpaper
      • Super Mario Wallpaper
      • merlinsbeard your an idiot shes saying that in a sarcastic tone you really need to be less retarded when posting comments and fuck less sheep......oh and minus two you fucking douche bag
      • 11:08pm Jun, 29 2008
    • More Boob Flexing!
      • More Boob Flexing!
      • no its not i just came a little and by a little i mean four times into a grapefruit.......thats right people i masturbate into a grapefruit and have sexual relations with a moose......but he pleasures me like no other moose could
      • 12:23am Jun, 12 2008
    • One More Time
      • One More Time
      • i love this song i masturbate into a grapefruit to this song.
      • 12:11am Jun, 12 2008
    • yo momma
      • yo momma
      • well thats nice now you can just eat shit you stupid asshole can i dont care what you say.
      • 12:05pm Jun, 1 2008
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