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    • Ferguson, Missouri Saved!
      • Ferguson, Missouri Saved!
      • You have to admit, those little tiny cars are very maneuverable and would be perfect in an indoor, retail environment. Just think, they are confronted be a group of looters, they immediately radio their buddies and through an awesome display of driving expertise intimidate the would be looters into abandoning their endeavor. On a separate not, you have to admit those Fezes (?) they wear are pretty goddam intimidatingQ
      • 03:26am Aug, 28 2014
    • America the Fre... scratch that.
      • America the Fre... scratch that.
      • Quite an improvement in typing, focus, grammar and coherence from your last blog! That's great. and yes our rights are eroding
      • 04:18pm Jul, 26 2014
    • I just don't have the time he deserves....
      • I just don't have the time he deserves....
      • Alternative. Convenience drop offs are an offense to my sensibilities, but in my situation I see no alternative. I've even called the vet and he said that with the cat being a feral, the stresses to the cat would outweigh any benefit. That being said I have already called the shelter and agreed to the fee and a donation to ensure that at least in this case the poor animal is handled gently and quickly. Crap I almost have tears in my eyes just typing this. I wish I knew of a better solution.
      • 02:04pm Jul, 24 2014
    • I just don't have the time he deserves....
      • I just don't have the time he deserves....
      • Thanks Ty, this is indeed in some situations a travesty, others (like Dangle said) we just don't know. That being said I have 2 rescue dogs 5 rescue birds and I care for a number of Feral cats in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, I am in the process of befriending one of the cats so I can get close enough to put him in a carrier and take him to a shelter. he is getting progressively thinner and losing fur etc , acting aggressive and erratic . ( I mix wormer in their food and also sneak Comfortis pills into their treats. this little guy however is suffering and the only way I can see to #1 relieve him of a slow and lingering death, #2 try to not have the others possibly infected is to drop him off. I called animal control and they offered me a trap with the caveat that any animals caught would be destroyed and I have a genuine attachment to 2 of the ferals (One eyed broke tail Kitty and Mittens), so this is the only solution I can see. It breaks my heart to do it but I cannot find an alte
      • 01:12pm Jul, 24 2014
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