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    • Religion 3
      • Religion 3
      • haha. i've brewed my own twice. got it from seven bridges brewing. yeah i don't like mass produced either. sierra nevada is about as corporate as i like to get. my favorite is their estate ale but i'm poor so i can't afford stuff lol. that anise one sounds kind of interesting. i like absinthe so i wonder what it'd be like in a beer. i had some elysian pumpkin ale this fall here that was really good.
      • 12:02am Dec, 23 2012
    • Religion 3
      • Religion 3
      • well the funny thing is jesus is just a plagiarized version of the egyptian god horus amongst others. and it's not really a matter of opinion whether we're animals or not, as we have the fossil record. there's nothing magical about our existence except the pure chance of it all. haven't heard of zombie dust. i'm always trying to find new ones though. the kind of funny thing is you can get an organic or craft beer that's twice as strong as corona or budweiser for like the same price. it's like getting drunk at half price lol. have you tried sierra nevada? their torpedo is really good it's like a 7.2% abv double ipa nice and hoppy. great with burgers.
      • 11:21pm Dec, 22 2012
    • Religion 3
      • Religion 3
      • i think morals have always been around to an extent, just look at animals. often they behave better than we do. i think society forced us to shift from a natural state and the morals got jumbled along with it. plus we're essentially just apes that can use tools and build things. existence is kind of incredible when you think about it but religion is just an insult to whatever all this is. it's a fish tale ipa. it's like this small organic brewery in olympia. do you drink craft beers at all? i'm a fiend lol.
      • 10:54pm Dec, 22 2012
    • Religion 3
      • Religion 3
      • sorry for calling you a dumbass. that's the beer talking. damn the beer.
      • 10:43pm Dec, 22 2012
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