• Crows vs. Cat vs. Cat Fight
    • Crows vs. Cat vs. Cat Fight

      • Although you raise excellent points in your comment, you have come to the WRONG place to try to present a reasonable point of view. This site is infested with narrow minded, ignorant racist imbeciles with no comment sense, and certainly no desire to listen to anything sensible that anyone tries to state. You might as well try talking to the wall - you will get the same result trying to present an open minded discussion HERE? You should feel blessed that I actually read one of your comments. I'm so used to just noticing your avatar and skipping over whatever your worthless ass has to say. Everything I have ever read from you has been nothing but trite, useless bullshit. I shouldn't even be wasting my time replying to you, but I thought that you should know right now how much I loathe you. You are piece of shit. You are a fucking stain on the world. You think you are witty, but you haven't even reached to title of pseudo-intellectual. You spend hours on this website doing nothing but was
      • Nov, 30 2010 06:40pm


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