• Weird Traffic Laws
    • Weird Traffic Laws

      • I'll second that motion. Drove 50 miles on the interstate today and had the same woman pass me 6 different times... all while texting. Someone should show them how to use cruise control.
      • Sep, 6 2012 09:16pm
    • Me
    • Me

      • You'll get more views if you find 31 more pics like this and post them in a gallery.... might even get featured. But still... nice pic.
      • Sep, 6 2012 09:08pm
    • Chaos at DNC as Chair Overrules Delegates
    • Chaos at DNC as Chair Overrules...

      • Weak. A vote, two re-votes, and a guy waiving his hand at the end. If you're gonna troll the liberals, you'd better do better than this.
      • Sep, 5 2012 06:52pm
    • Unusual Tattoos
    • Unusual Tattoos

      • At least you didn't quote some line from the terminator like you usually do.
      • Sep, 5 2012 08:29am
    • Atheism/Religion Pics 8
    • Atheism/Religion Pics 8

      • All of Einstein's scientific theories can be tested and proven.... his assertion that there is a god can not.
      • Sep, 3 2012 04:05am
    • Caught On Video : More Voter Fraud Caught In Undercover Sting
    • Caught On Video : More Voter Fraud...

      • You must not be famililiar with the voting process here in America. First, one must register to vote. Then on election day, that list of registered voters is on hand on the polling place. Once someone comes in and gives their name and is given a ballot, their name is checked off the list. Now, no one with that name can vote their again. This bs about people moving from poll to poll is just nonsence. The worst you can do is use my name and vote before me, but as soon as I show up to vote someone will stop me and we will immediately know that fraud has happened. Fortunately, this never happenes because it will immediately be caught. Requiring ID will not help this one bit, it will only prevent legitimate voters from being able to case a vote.
      • Sep, 2 2012 01:58pm


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