• Marijuana....True or False..??
    • Marijuana....True or False..??

      • Very insightful. You should take this information to higher levels in the community. It has to start somewhere, with someone.
      • Jun, 14 2008 02:32pm
    • Woman Retaliation
    • Woman Retaliation

      • Hmm... slightly bitter? Although this is humorous, I get the feeling that there may be some underlying anger here. I consider myself to be a gentleman, and understanding/empathetic, but even I have limits. When a woman complains day after day about everything, eventually I just start not caring. If women didn't complain and get stressed out about every little thing, maybe men would be more receptive. Women, the fact that you broke a nail, or have known about a certain event for weeks and suddenly can't find something to wear, or you weren't able to get a manicure or your hair done this week, is NOT cause for a total psychotic meltdown. When you learn this, the male population will become more receptive to you :-)
      • Jun, 4 2008 05:35pm
    • Black Hurricanes
    • Black Hurricanes

      • said ancestors were SOLD to the white man BY THEIR OWN TRIBES. It's funny how none of you ever want to bring that little nugget up. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, but it's also the first to be replaced. Also, the nail that sticks out is the first one to get hammered down.
      • Jun, 2 2008 07:47pm
    • Black Hurricanes
    • Black Hurricanes

      • It's sad really. This may or may not be a joke, but it wouldn't suprise me at all if it was true. The black race finds a reason to bitch about anything. Everything is racist, and the entire world owes the current generation for something that was officially ended 50 years ago. Let me make it perfectly clear to you, my black bretheren: You've run the race card into the ground. Nobody cares anymore, and if you look around, you'll see it. The world doesn't owe you anything. The white race, owes you nothing. Accept responsibility for your own actions, quit holding your hands out and expecting to get everything for free, and try getting a job and working for something you want. If it's that damn rough here, and you feel so oppressed over something that happened to your great grandparents, then perhaps you'd feel more comfortable back in your native land of Africa. Lest we forget, that while the horrible white man may have enslaved your 400 year old ancestors, said ancestors were SOLD to th
      • Jun, 2 2008 07:46pm
      • There were drapes in that pic?
      • Jun, 1 2008 10:02pm


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