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    • PaulRevered's Picture Paradise
      • PaulRevered's Picture Paradise
      • What if the soldiers are trying to break through to paradise? Kinda like hell on Earth...and now, neither group can ever truly understand the other
      • 10:21pm Dec, 6 2014
    • PaulRevered's Picture Paradise
      • PaulRevered's Picture Paradise
      • Supreme Court Justice or Ambassador to Russia, Israel, China, Germany, India, Japan, or Mexico. Director of the C.I.A. or F.B.I. would be an excellent place to reside, for me, if the position becomes vacant.
      • 03:26am Nov, 30 2014
    • PaulRevered's Picture Paradise
      • PaulRevered's Picture Paradise
      • I agree with small gov't being very important. However, I subscribe to that at the Federal level. I think, if a state wants to give kids lunch, and they are able to document all income and outcome for their budget (which is easier to do with less people), then go for it!Either way, I'm not too gung ho about it, just something that is out there, so i thought people should know and make up their own damn minds.
      • 12:18pm Nov, 27 2014
    • PaulRevered's Picture Paradise
      • PaulRevered's Picture Paradise
      • So, where should our tax dollars currently go? They go towards many things. Some destinations I support, and other I am staunchly against. Still, there is shit that I don't care about.
      • 10:40pm Nov, 26 2014
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About Me
PaulRevered rides on!

Greetings and good tidings! I have moved into a new apartment and lack constant effective internet access. So, bear with me if you find that weekly or daily galleries or videos are lacking. Also, to the mods, if I post a recent (5 hours or less) repost, understand it is because I am working with 3 meg DL and ??? upload 3-4 days a week while running other software.

On that note. There are times when I WILL knowingly submit a "re-post" to Ebaum's World because I do believe it is soooo golden that it should be seen again OR that it is relevant to the current times. I will leave it up, however, should it generate enough interest, I would ask that you take mine down and re-front-page the original content. The current system of video flow for ebw is frontpage or makes it very hard to see older content that EXCELS!!!

I really enjoy posting edgier on the borders content and anything to do with science and/or thinking for yourself.

Wish me luck
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