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    • Godly Gifs
      • Godly Gifs
      • hold tight buckaroo, soon, marijuana will be legalized and space colonies will be happening.
      • 09:52pm Nov, 19 2014
    • Good Gifs
      • Good Gifs
      • Yes -
      • 06:29pm Nov, 6 2014
    • Good Gifs
      • Good Gifs
      • Well good luck mozzie, and good luck to anyone else who does it. I stock up on images and gifs and at any one time may have well over 100 of each on hand for uploading. When I find the time, I look at the galleries here, but I find so many to be "sub-par" that I don't bother as much as I used to. I also think that if I uploaded, say, 50 random gifs, then there'd be an even bigger chance you'd see something that the other galleries don't contain. Cheers to you and yours!
      • 04:26pm Nov, 3 2014
    • Good Gifs
      • Good Gifs
      • mozzie, if you completely copy a gallery, then boo on you sir. I have taken these pictures from around other websites. I have a strict rule not to sample any from ebw. I appologize for boring you - please take a step outside before it gets cold and feed bread to the birds. Cheers!
      • 04:06pm Nov, 3 2014
    • Good Gifs
      • Good Gifs
      • 1000 views - I've got a feeling that many of those viewers haven't seen all of these.
      • 10:31am Nov, 3 2014
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About Me
PaulRevered rides on!

Greetings and good tidings! I have moved into a new apartment and lack constant effective internet access. So, bear with me if you find that weekly or daily galleries or videos are lacking. Also, to the mods, if I post a recent (5 hours or less) repost, understand it is because I am working with 3 meg DL and ??? upload 3-4 days a week while running other software.

On that note. There are times when I WILL knowingly submit a "re-post" to Ebaum's World because I do believe it is soooo golden that it should be seen again OR that it is relevant to the current times. I will leave it up, however, should it generate enough interest, I would ask that you take mine down and re-front-page the original content. The current system of video flow for ebw is frontpage or makes it very hard to see older content that EXCELS!!!

I really enjoy posting edgier on the borders content and anything to do with science and/or thinking for yourself.

Wish me luck
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