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    • Police Officer Rapes Woman in Courtroom
      • Police Officer Rapes Woman in Courtroom
      • Falthor, I respect your opinion out of seniority and knowing you despite never reading a comment before...also...your name is a different color. I am a user of 27 features after 1 year and a few months of actually posting. I would LOVE to be featured more often, however, I also think that videos like these shouldn't be backlogged and never seen again just because they were posted. Sometimes MY reposts, in this case, are months and sometimes MANY YEARS past the original post. That is why ebaumsworld is/can be a very stale community. Yes, they have "FEATURES" that are Throwback stuff once and a while...however...I am talking about people who eat those 3-10 new videos a day up and want more and so move on to the new vids section. It is difficult to know when you are posting a recent upload because people change names. I used to search for the titles and subjects...but after several times doing that and getting a pre-existing media message from mods...I decided I shouldn't work that
      • 09:12pm Feb, 27 2014
    • British Justice
      • British Justice
      • One punch rule tho. If you hit someone once...a lot of civilized countries count it as an accident. No intent to kill...just hurt or frighten.
      • 06:31pm Feb, 27 2014
    • Hitler Speeches with Accurate English subtitles
      • Hitler Speeches with Accurate English subtitles
      • The "master" race or hitler youth was a side project that Hitler had little to do with. They was very little in the way of breeding. Simply picking tall blond kids to become soldiers.
      • 06:27pm Feb, 27 2014
    • Hitler Speeches with Accurate English subtitles
      • Hitler Speeches with Accurate English subtitles
      • Ex stoner woulda died on the beaches of normandy...that was the battlefield where WE sent our undesirables to the front lines KNOWING they would die. Low incomes first, italians...anyone labeled de*****able
      • 06:26pm Feb, 27 2014
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About Me
PaulRevered rides on!

Greetings and good tidings! I have moved into a new apartment and lack constant effective internet access. So, bear with me if you find that weekly or daily galleries or videos are lacking. Also, to the mods, if I post a recent (5 hours or less) repost, understand it is because I am working with 3 meg DL and ??? upload 3-4 days a week while running other software.

On that note. There are times when I WILL knowingly submit a "re-post" to Ebaum's World because I do believe it is soooo golden that it should be seen again OR that it is relevant to the current times. I will leave it up, however, should it generate enough interest, I would ask that you take mine down and re-front-page the original content. The current system of video flow for ebw is frontpage or makes it very hard to see older content that EXCELS!!!

I really enjoy posting edgier on the borders content and anything to do with science and/or thinking for yourself.

Wish me luck
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