• Woman With Two Vaginas
    • Woman With Two Vaginas

      • Tyra is a piece of shit. She has absolutely no credentials. At least Oprah is talented on screen. Tyra is a has-been model who is now fat, and has no business on TV. She's the black, female Jerry Springer.
      • Nov, 8 2009 09:24am
    • Mayor Candidate Gets Heckled
    • Mayor Candidate Gets Heckled

      • And just to add some insight on this. I was on my porch before anyone showed up. They stood in my yard and trampled some of my flowers that I planted to help beautify my neighborhood ...... no apologies and showed no respect for the garden. As for not coming down when Ben and his crony called me out, I stated he was a liar , we all know the bull he's pushed , what more do you want to ask me? I will give you this Ben..... you make the perfect politician with all your hand shaking and baby kissing, lies and all the t.v. time you can get. You are a fake and a fraud. Boo you Ben Konop, Boo you.
      • Jul, 29 2009 03:45pm
    • Mayor Candidate Gets Heckled
    • Mayor Candidate Gets Heckled

      • I was the heckler. My name is Max. Ben Konop used to "hang" out with our group of friends. I know Ben and his lies. this is not a BOY we should have running anything. About the only thing he is good at is running lies out of his mouth. On Sunday when the cameras were out he knocked on doors to address this water main issue , after the cameras had packed up, he and his lackeys took off. so much for caring huh Ben. He knocked on 5 maybe 6 doors. You are a thief and liar . I will heckle again. Thank you: the Toledo Heckler.
      • Jul, 29 2009 03:44pm
    • Same Pose, Different Day
    • Same Pose, Different Day

      • I've been wanting to do this for a while now. Every fucking girl on Facebook does this damn pucker face in pictures. I was just talking about how someone should gather a huge compilation and put it on Ebaums. Fuckin dumb sluts think this makes their face look thinner.
      • Apr, 15 2009 01:19pm
    • Does TV News Instigate Mass Murder?
    • Does TV News Instigate Mass Murder?

      • Who cares? Murderers and dumbass Goth psychos are going to stay the same no matter what is on TV. The best way to stop them is to kill them first. If you want to change the media for a good purpose, here's the drill: Tell the news stations and web news writers to report that stock prices are rebounding and the economy is making enormous strides. That would get us out of recession in a matter of days.
      • Apr, 12 2009 02:01am


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