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i am just a regular guy who does what he does on here because that is what i do. i may call a person a racist bastard but because they post racist jokes and i don't like racist jokes but they put them on anyway some people want me to stop but i will not because i feel it is the right thing to do. on comments i might say LMFAO or
:-) and lol and say good stuff some jokes are racist some are piles of shit and some are retold and blonde jokes are funny because they make fun of them. some blondes may smart but it is the jokes i am laughing at not the blondes and i may say blondes are stupid but sometimes i don't mean it and some pictures are cool but some are not. and some videos are awesome some are gross and blackshirts calls me gay but i am not i joined the group for people against gays and blackshirts is probably gay. but i am certainly not gay and if you think that then you may as well fuck off

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