• FBI Report Shows ZERO Deaths At Sandy Hook!!
    • FBI Report Shows ZERO Deaths At Sandy...

      • I would suggest reading Nobody died at sandy hook,which was banned by Amazon after a month,but Prof. Seltzer now offering the book free.One example is there is a photograph of the Coroner at the school the day before the alleged shooting occured
      • Feb, 4 2016 08:37pm
    • FBI Report Shows ZERO Deaths At Sandy Hook!!
    • FBI Report Shows ZERO Deaths At Sandy...

      • The Gov. has passed legislation to make staging fake events to influence American citizens opinions perfectly legal.They are cyops with a duped fall guy.They also have contracted companies to gauge and interpret the publics' reactions by spying and gathering all texts,emails,and phone calls within the specific area.
      • Feb, 4 2016 08:30pm
    • Heliocentric Globe Disproved In 6 mins -Ta Da!
    • Heliocentric Globe Disproved In 6 mins...

      • Here to show you the truth.OK if it is true then that would mean the Universe revolves around Earth,which would have to have been created, giving more meaning to your life than just being a speck of dust from a rock billions of lightyears away which scientists say grew life because of a mathematical possibility said it could happen after millions of years.With no proof.
      • Feb, 3 2016 07:31pm
    • German Feminist
    • German Feminist

      • As Israel's strong arm America has caused an immigration problem in Europe now.People are running to the countries that don't get bombed which is creating culture conflicts unheard of before.Props on your first feature,way to go!
      • Jan, 31 2016 03:16am


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