• Flexible Girls.
    • Flexible Girls.

      • Apr, 28 2016 01:25am
    • Sandy Hook PHONY Dives Behind Car Runs Away Newtown HOAX Busted on LIVE TV
    • Sandy Hook PHONY Dives Behind Car Runs...

      • What's that you say ?Do not believe what you see with your own eyes,because you've seen poorly doctored ear photos.So they actually have an actual certified FBI agent that looks like a totally bumbling fool walking near kids with no clue how to handle weaponry?Don't research just keep letting the MSM on your TV tell you how to feel and what to think.Debunk the fact that the FBI statistics for murders in Ct. lists zero deaths in Newtown/Sandy Hook the day of the alleged shooting.Or the photo issued by the Ct. State Police that shows the Coroner at the school the day before the alleged shooting occurred.
      • Apr, 6 2016 02:15am
    • Sandy Hook Actor Parking
    • Sandy Hook Actor Parking

      • I respect your opinion,but wouldn't you feel better if you found out that no one died at Sandy Hook.FBI statistics for murders in Ct. states there were zero deaths in Sandy Hook the day of the alleged shooting.
      • Apr, 2 2016 10:29pm

      • Keep believing sheeple,don't question or research it would be too much for you to handle
      • Mar, 29 2016 06:40pm

      • these are criminals that made you believe their fake stories,crisis actors.
      • Mar, 28 2016 12:51pm
    • OUR Snapstory
    • OUR Snapstory

      • You may be mistaking this place for Viralnova, Pulptastic or Youtube...just sayin
      • Mar, 27 2016 08:24pm


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